Activities on Guam


Guam's Golf courses are known for their breathtaking scenery. Most courses are 18 holes with their own pro and specialty shops and each of Guam's golf courses has its own special character and appeal.

Submarine Tour

Explore Guam's tropical reefs and expansive marine life with Atlantis Adventures. The submarine carries up to 48 passengers in air-conditioned comfort and the dive lasts approximately 45 minutes. Atlantis tours are popular with tourists and military personnel stationed on the island. Current prices are $82 kr adult and $42 for children under 12 years.

Undersea Observatory

Fish Eye Park is an undersea observatory that descends into a World War II bomb hole a couple hundred yards off the beach in Piti. An abundance of coral and marine life abound in these craters which have become prime dive locations and have been designated a marine preserve. The 71-foot Fish Eye Park marine observatory extends 31 feet below the surface into one of the bomb holes. Visitors walk down into an air-conditioned observation chamber where they have numerous vantage points of the surrounding coral and marine life. Entrance fee is $28 for adults and $15 for children under 12 years.

Boonie Stomps (hiking)

"Boonie Stomping", or hiking through undeveloped jungle and beaches is a popular, though rigorous pastime for many residents and visitors alike, There are public boonie stomps offered by The Government of Guam's Department of Parks and Recreation. There are also other organizations offering boonie stomping packages.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Guam's clear waters, numerous sea life, coral reefs and World War II relics make it a premiere diving destination. There are a number of commercial dive operators on Guam that offer tours and instruction. The Andersen AFB and COMNAVMAR Naval facility have on-base dive stores for military personnel. You can also visit the Guam Visitors Bureau and ask for a pamphlet on diving activities.

Water Parks and Beach Clubs

Water parks on Guam offer numerous aqua activities as swimming pools, water slides, scuba diving, wind surfing, water aerobics and more. The Pacific Islands Club and Onward Beach Resort have great water parks and other water-related activities. There is also Tarza Magical Adventure Zone, a water park filled with water slides and a "sleepy lagoon"

Beach clubs offer various activities like wind surfing, kayaking, paddleboats, jet skiing and parasailing. The Pacific Islands Club and Onward hotels offer beach club services as well as their water parks. There are other clubs like The Alupang Beach Club with a full selection of activities, and The Ocean Jet Club. Each club has unique specials and packages.

Sailing and Boat Charters

There are many boat charter operations on Guam offering day charters, snorkeling, dolphin watching and on-board barbeques daily. Many charters also offer special occasion and party packages.