Military Information

Housing Information for Military Personnel

Housing is sometimes difficult to find. Once you've arrived, with or without your family, and after you've signed in, the choice of living on or off post is your next issue. With the cost of living off post and the impact that Typhoons have on the island's power, water and other infrastructure, you may want to live on base. You will have to choose between living on the Navy or Air Force installation. Housing availability is based on a number of factors, such as your rank, family size, and when you were placed on the housing waiting list. Even if you plan on getting quarters off base it is a good idea to get your name put on the housing list just in case you cannot find a suitable place or you arrive shortly after a typhoon has hit the island. Based on the current quality of housing, we suggest that if you want to live on base, you should attempt to stay at Andersen Air Force Base.

Automobile Insurance Requirements for Military Personnel

The type of auto insurance needed in Guam is called "Liability", and is required for everyone operating their auto. No vehicle can be driven on the roads of Guam without it. You must have insurance and a Guam one-day temp registration before you can pick up your car. Your sponsor will help you get everything in order to pick up your car. All vehicles must registered on base within 72 hours of arrival. You must have your registration, ID Card, a safety inspection, and proof of Guam liability Insurance. Your vehicle must be registered with the Guam DMV within 10 days from the time you pick it up. You can keep the vehicle registered with state plates until they expire. Then the vehicle must be registered in Home of record state or have Guam Plates.

Source: 3rd Battalion, 196th Infantry Brigade, the Training Support Battalion (TSB) for the Marianas.